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"Targeted Traffic And More Profits To Your Site."

- Rob Cross: Chief Strategist at, Orange County, CA

- Author of the book: "Insider Secrets: How to Find Affluent Clients Online"


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Hello Friend,
My job is to increase the targeted traffic to your site and also increase your revenues and your bottom line. I've been doing this full time for 12+ years.

I've helped some big corporate clients in Orange County and other areas make a lot of money and chances are very good I can help you too.

What People Like You Usually Want To Know

When someone calls me on the phone, they usually have three questions. Those questions are:
  1. "What exactly do you do to increase my traffic and revenues?"

  2. "What is your background?"

  3. "What is the cost?"
Here are the answers to those questions:

"What exactly do you do to increase my traffic and revenues?"

There are two major ways to increase your traffic. The first is getting your site ranked well in the "free" or "natural" search engine rankings on engines like Google and Bing (everyone wants this free traffic). The second is called pay per click traffic.

Search Engine Rankings in Engines Like Google and Bing ("Free" or "Natural" rankings)

If you are like most people, you want to rank well for your major keywords on Google and Bing (these two make up 80% of the search engine market).

se logos This is what I've done for the last 12+ years. It's my specialty.

To get you ranked well on the "free" search engines I first go through your site and make it search engine friendly. I take out the things the search engines don't like and put in the things that they like.

Search engines can't really read pictures. We have to be sure there is some good text content on your site with the right keywords included in the text and headlines. The headlines need to be in text. The meta tags need to have your most profitable keywords in them.

Search engines generally don't like flash and a lot of java script. These issues may need to be cleaned up. I take care of this for you.

Links Are Very Important

One of the biggest issues regarding getting you more targeted traffic to your site is making sure you have a good number of incoming links from other quality web sites.

Picture of men and woman at computer (If someone is claiming to help you with your rankings in the search engines and is not getting you links from other web sites, then they may be a few years out of date with their techniques).

I have methods that get you incoming links from other sites that link back to you with the proper keyword phrases highlighted in their links to you. When the search engines see these keywords highlighted in the links to you it helps you rank better for these keyword phrases.

This process has to be engineered carefully to maximize the benefits (high rankings for you in the search engines). If someone inexperienced does this for you in a sloppy manner, it can actually hurt your rankings.

Pay Per Click Traffic

Pay per click traffic is when I set up accounts for you at a couple of major pay per click search engines. These are programs where I bid on a number of keyword phrases that relate to your target market.

When people type these phrases into the search engines, a listing for your web site pops up towards the top of the page. If they click on the link to your site, they go to your site and you are billed 20 cents (or whatever your bid is for that keyword).

The list of keywords that I bid on is comprised of an initial list that you give me (because you know your business better than I do). I research the list using tools and come up with many more variations and keyword phrases people are typing into the search engines.

Picture of people pointing to computer I bid on all these keywords on your behalf. I don't get into a grudge match with your competition for the top few keywords because this can get quite costly. Instead I make the list of keywords much larger (spreading the net out further) so you are bidding on a much larger base of keywords that cost much less per click overall. This saves you money and expands your reach into the market.

I have been an expert guest contributor (regarding setting up a profitable pay per click campaign) for the highly respected national internet marketing newsletter I was given a high rating as an expert on how to set up a pay per click campaign correctly.

Sales Tracking For Your Pay Per Click Accounts

I use a great program to monitor which pay per click keywords are making you money and which are wasting your money. I place some programming code on your site. This tells me which pay per click keywords are causing people to buy or request more information.

This can be extremely valuable. I have seen people save thousands of dollars every month off their pay per click bill after I installed sales tracking for them. It really helps take you out of the dark and lets you know which keywords are actually producing profit for you. It helps you cut the fat out of your budget.

My Experience Level - Background

Here is a list of some things that qualify me to serve you and help you make more money:
  • 12+ years experience getting companies ranked well in the search engines and plenty of references from happy customers.

  • Graduated with honors with a degree in computer science in 1987 from Southern Oregon State University.

  • I research information regularly from the top people in the world to keep my skills and techniques sharp.

  • Skilled in writing sales copy. This is an important part of internet marketing and can greatly help you increase your conversion rate. I often make sales copy/design suggestions regarding my clients web sites that helps convert more visitors into buyers.

  • Author of the critically acclaimed book on internet marketing called "Insider Secrets - Finding Affluent Clients Online"

  • Speaker on numerous occasions to audiences in various states regarding how to increase traffic and profits from the internet.

  • Former computer programmer in areas such as public safety and education.

The kind of assistance you get from me is supportive, intelligent, creative, in a casual and non-stuffy manner.

What Is The Cost?

How much will my services cost you? There is a good chance they will cost you nothing in the long run because my job is to make you far more than you spend with me. If I wasn't able to do this for people, I would have gone out of business a long time ago.

Every job and situation is different. The best thing to do is to call me for a no-obligation free phone consultation. I look at your web site and listen to your goals and needs and let you know if I can help you. I give you a ballpark figure of what your fees would be.

If we feel there is a possible match, I can send you over a proposal with references and usually people want to meet with me face to face before hiring me. This gives us a chance to get better acquainted and also allows me to answer your questions. There is no charge or obligation related to this face-to-face meeting.

I am generally available to meet with you where you are and meet at your convenience. I can meet you in Orange County, the L.A area or San Diego.

You may be missing out on a great deal of money by not doing the right kind of internet marketing. So give me a call today and find out if getting you more targeted traffic to your web site will increase your bottom line and profits. My number is: 619-248-8351.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Rob Cross
Chief Strategist

Two offices to serve you better:
65 Enterprise
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Orange County

935 Ramona Avenue
Suite F
Spring Valley, CA 91977


See You At The Top

Look At Our Results:

Here's proof that we know how to get our own and our clients' sites ranked on Google.

Taft University System ( of Orange County rankings as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
online law school 3 Google 853,000,000
online law degree 2 Google 120,000,000
online juris doctor degree 1 Google 1,070,000
online jd degree 2 Google 40,300,000
nationally accredited distance learning law school 1 Google 121,000
distance learning law school 2 Google 3,290,000
nationally accredited online law school 3 Google 284,000 (our sister site) rankings on Google as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
affluent clients 1 4,320,000

California Music Studios ( rankings on Google and Yahoo as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
music lessons in san diego 1 Google 2,600,000
guitar lessons in san diego 2 Google 832,000
music lessons orange county 2 and 3 Google 1,580,000
orange county music lessons 2 Google 1,580,000
san diego violin lessons 2 Google 1,240,000
music lessons san diego 3 Google 7,150,000
orange county singing lessons 3 Google 1,210,000
orange county voice lessons 3 Google 320,000
san diego music lessons 3 Google 2,610,000
san diego piano lessons 3 Google 683,000
music lessons san diego 3 Google 7,150,000

Alan Kaye Insurance Agency, Inc. ( rankings as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
beverly hills sell life insurance policy 1 Google 2,220,000
laguna beach life insurance agent 1 Google 927,000
hollywood hills senior life settlement 1 Google 2,680,000 results

JETTERS NorthWest ( rankings on Google as of 07/02/12:

Keyword Position Out Of:
seattle jetter 1,2 and 3 Google 1,330,000
washington jetters 1 and 5 Google 7,290,000 sites

"Hey Rob, I just wanted to thank you, my site is #1 on yahoo and generally top 3 on Google for all my keywords.

I'm getting lots of traffic and am pretty much booked solid. I appreciate all your SEO magic for my little site!"

- Kevin Law:
Kevin Law Photography
Los Angeles, CA

"I highly recommend Rob Cross and his specialized internet marketing help. I quickly made back more than what I paid him in fees.

I set what he did on auto-pilot, I haven't touched it for months, and I'm still getting calls from big purchase prospects on a regular basis because of his efforts."

- Richard Worcester:


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